Reboot during AutoPilot ESP

This is a knowledgebase item to help you out with the reboot and logon twice issue during autopilot ESP.

The Autopilot reboot issue

During an AutoPilot enrollment the device with Windows 10 21H1 is rebooting, AutoPilot process will be paused, and the user must logon to the device for the second time.

This problem will occur when you are using Windows update for Business and Intune and your Update rings for Windows 10 and later is assigned to device group.

I have found the following in the Microsoft known issues documentation:

A reboot during Device setup will force the user to enter their credentials before transitioning to Account setup phase. User credentials aren’t preserved during reboot. Have the user enter their credentials then the Enrollment Status Page can continue.

Set up the Enrollment Status Page – Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Docs

The solution for the reboot during autopilot ESP issue

Solution 1:

Assign Update rings for Windows 10 and later to a user group instead of device groups.

Now I am able to enroll my devices with AutoPilot without a second login prompt.

Check the following blog post and I will explain how I configure Windows Update for Business in an enterprise environment.

Solution 2:

Install Windows 10 21H2 before you start rolling out.

Solution 3:

Check you baseline applications if there are applications that needs a reboot.

Solution 4:

Disable the Device Lock settings in Microsoft Security baseline or settings catalog

5 replies
  1. Hasse
    Hasse says:


    I am investigating this behaviour since we among customers have noticed different behaviours. The resaon for investigating is the journey towards passwordless. When this interruption happens users can not log in without a password, enrolled security key OR TAP, because the normal login screen is shown instead of OOBE. in OOBE a user can log in using a security key OR Microsoft Authenticator. On the regular login screen its only TAP or security ken IF enabled. This is a hurdle to overcome when going passwordless which to us is the biggest issue with this behaviour.

    • René Laas
      René Laas says:

      Hi Hasse,

      During troubleshooting this issue today on my kiosk pc’s, I mentioned that the device lock setting configured in the security baseline, among other things, caused the problem with me.

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    Hi, I have updated, but after a reset, similar issues persist, this issue it not consistent, some are far most are not. There are a couple of store apps, but in the main after a restart they proceed on normally. User the SKIP USP methods causes more issues due to additional login requirement and apps like Company portal and store app inconsistently not launching.

  3. Mark
    Mark says:

    I have noticed a different behaviour in 21H2, where the account setup page halts, but after a reboot it continues and complete, Did not get with issue in 20H2


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