About René Laas

Rene Laas

Hi! My name is René Laas. I have passion and enthusiasm for the Microsoft 365 Cloud and I would like to automate as much as possible, but I also like to keep it as simple as possible.

I started this blog about Microsoft 365 to help you with configuring “The Modern Workplace”. When I started with configuring “The Modern Workplace”, It was hard to find good content. So it was a lot of troubleshooting to master the technology.

I get energy from helping people, so that’s why I decided to start my own blog. I know how hard it was to start, so I hope that my blogs will help you or your organization with “The Modern Way of Working”.

I am based in the Netherlands, and at the moment I am a Modern Workplace Consultant with almost 10 years experience in IT, and about 5 years the focus is on the Microsoft Cloud and in particular Microsoft 365 (Intune, Office365, etc.)

I’ve done multiple Modern Workplace implementations for clients across industries and from small businesses to enterprise environments.

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