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Published on: December 03, 2023


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Microsoft’s Windows Hello fingerprint authentication has been bypassed

Microsoft’s Windows Hello fingerprint authentication has been bypassed on laptops from Dell, Lenovo, and even Microsoft. Security researchers at Blackwing Intelligence have discovered multiple vulnerabilities in the top three fingerprint sensors that are embedded into laptops and used widely by businesses to secure laptops with Windows Hello fingerprint authentication.

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Security Tech Accelerator – Next week!

As a follow-up from Ignite, Microsoft will be hosting a deeper dive into the announcements shared and give you the chance to ask their product teams questions (register for a Tech Community Profile now so you can ask questions live, during the event). Microsoft’s goal is to connect you to your security peers and equip you with the technical knowledge that will help you and your team safely and confidently adopt AI.

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Security topics to watch

Unifying SIEM & XDR: a new era in SecOps

In this episode—live from Microsoft Ignite—Principal Product Managers Javier Soriano and Tiander Turpijn lead the conversation on the newest unified security operations platform. Learn how this innovation offers you enhanced analyst efficiency by combining security information and event management (SIEM) and extended detection and response (XDR), reducing interruptions through consolidation of duplicate features, and enabling proactive attack detection and disruption across Microsoft and non-Microsoft products. Discover how you can benefit from comprehensive coverage from the market’s most extensive XDR capabilities and a SIEM that extends across multi-cloud business applications, the Internet of Things, operational technology, and multiple platforms.

Click here to view the video on YouTube

Incident Response: Azure Log Analysis

Investigating an incident with log analysis! Navigating a simulated attack of a managed service provider– from initial intrusion all the way to full network exploitation, we uncover what techniques the attacker used to compromise this Azure environment!

Click here to view the video on YouTube

The New Microsoft Purview Portal – A work in progress?

In this video, Peter takes the new Microsoft Purview portal out for a spin, with some surprising results!

Click here to view the video on YouTube

Blogs from the community

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