Enable access to Intune portal for unlicensed admins

This knowledgebase item is to help you out to enable the Intune portal for unlicensed administrators for tenants created before 2006 release. Hope it helps you out someday.


Intune tenants created before the 2006 release do not have by default the option Unlicensed admins enabled. So only accounts with an Intune license can access the Intune portal. But after you enable the Unlicensed admin option, your admin without a license can also access the portal.

Solution – How to enable access to Intune portal for unlicensed admins

  • Select Yes in the pop-up windows to allow access to unlicensed admin
  • From now all users who sign into the Microsoft Endpoint manager portal do not require an Intune license anymore. Their scope of access will now be defined by the assigned roles.


Note. It can take up to 48 hours for access changes to take effect.

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